Commercial Painting

Painting commercial spaces requires a well-trained team that is able to work with absolute professionalism and minimal intrusions to the workplace. Going with the lowest quote isn’t always the best option as the resulting damage from the lack of proper care and protection of surfaces and the use of inferior quality material won’t be cost effective in the long term. BRS Painting has years of experience in commercial painting and has a range of creative solutions that helps offices, factories and other spaces remain open for business without interruption. We have painting crews that work in the evenings, on weekends or during holidays so that work goes on without any disruption.

Not only does our commercial crew have years of experience, we train them regularly to equip them with the latest techniques, technology and products so that interior or exterior painting of commercial spaces is performed to expectations and with the best quality finishes.

St. Peters Commercial Painting Services

  • Exterior Power Washing & Cleaning – Power washing needs to be done to prepare the surface before painting. However, we also recommend regular exterior pressure washing not only for keeping the commercial space looking smart and efficient always, but also because it saves maintenance costs in the long term by reducing the risk of any severe damage to the exterior from dirt, grime, mold or staining.
  • Interior Painting – For commercial spaces, interior painting needs to be as non-intrusive as possible so that the business can remain open and function as usual. Our well trained commercial painting crew achieves this efficiently, by working in the evenings, weekends or during holidays. They also take precautions to protect interior surfaces from damage or contamination from paint sprays.
  • Exterior Painting – While painting exteriors, care needs to be taken not only to provide a beautiful finish but also to protect exterior features and surfaces from paint splashes or spray. The crew does a final clean-up to touch up patchy surfaces or remove paint stains.
  • Small Carpentry Repairs – The commercial painting crew takes care of minor carpentry repair so that rotten trims or frames don’t ruin the overall image of the commercial space.
  • Waterproof Coating – This helps in protecting the surfaces from water damage caused by leaks or cracks. It is done before the painting begins.
  • Epoxy repairs and finishes – Adding new finishes or touching up flaws caused by staining or wear and tear on the floors helps in making the place look like its brand new.

The BRS Painting Advantage

Our commercial painting crew is equipped to take care of all the requirements of a commercial project. They work flexible hours so that the project can be completed without disturbing the employees at their workplace. They work on schedule to complete the job within the expected time. You get the following benefits when you work with us are your St. Peters Painting contractor.

  • Over 8 Years of Experience
  • BBB A+ Accreditation
  • 2-Year Guarantee
  • Locally-Owned and Operated
  • Always on Time
  • Dedicated Commercial Painting Crew
  • Flexible working hours (evenings, weekends, holidays)
  • Licensed & Insured