Drywall Repair

Most homes need drywall repair before their interiors can be painted. Day-to-day living takes its toll on the walls of a home. From children playing ball inside the house or damages caused by furniture rearrangement, walls get chipped and cracked quite easily. Sometimes more severe damage from small fires or water leakage from broken pipes or drains result in caved in walls that need repair. Vibration is also a common cause for cracked walls and plaster, especially in homes that are close to highways or train tracks where the walls rattle every time a train or vehicle goes by. Painting without repairing the drywall damage can result in an unsatisfactory product with uneven surfaces and unmatched colors that look patchy and unprofessional.

Drywall Repair & Plaster Repair For St. Peters, MO

Before the home can be painted, damaged walls need to be repaired so that the surface is uniform and easy to paint. Our contractors at BRS Painting of St. Peters have years of experience in repairing and restoring dry walls. Their skill set includes using specific dry wall techniques and premium quality materials such as plaster and dry wall compounds to create walls with a perfectly smooth surface. They are also experts at matching textures so that once repainted the damaged or repaired portion of the drywall is indistinguishable from the rest of the surface.

Drywall repair and plastering are not easy to do as they require knowledge of techniques and the right type of materials to create perfectly uniform surfaces. If not done correctly, the solution would only be temporary and might resurface after the painting job is complete, adding to the homeowner’s costs. Our range of drywall repair services includes the following:

  • Repairing damaged portions of the drywall by plastering or filling with special drywall compounds that ensure that the surface remains free from cracks for a long time.
  • Matching of existing wall texture to ensure that the blemished portion of the wall is unnoticeable once the final painting is done.
  • Color-matching of the repaired wall by an experienced professional so that the repaired portion of the wall is indistinguishable.

Benefits of Drywall Repair by BRS Painting

Besides having a team of reliable professionals working on your drywall repair, St. Peters Painting offers the following benefits to clients:

  • 2-year guarantee on the drywall repair and painting
  • Color matching expertise by a professional
  • BBB+ Accreditation
  • Over 8 years of experience in drywall repair