Exterior Painting

A home’s exterior is what the world sees, and like it or not, it creates the first impression of what lies within. While doing an exterior paint job, although the main focus is on sprucing it up, it’s equally important to ensure that the beauty lasts for years. Many home owners aren’t aware of the techniques involved in ensuring longevity of an exterior paint job. It’s much more than just cleaning and applying coats of paint. Unless you use a skilled contractor with expertise in painting exteriors, the result could be temporary.

Busy House Painter Painting the Trim And Shutters of A Home.

BRS Painting – St. Peters has a team of experienced painting contractors who have worked on different types of exterior projects and are skilled at handling a range of solutions that give the home exteriors long-lasting beauty.

The BRS Exterior Painting Process

Our exterior painting process covers a complete range of solutions, including:

  • Exterior power washing – This cleans the surface by removing dirt and debris, which have accumulated over the years. It also helps in dislodging loose paint that peels due to constant exposure to the wind and sun.
  • Scraping and Sanding – This process removes loose or peeling paint and smooths the surface, making it ready for other surface preparation techniques.
  • Filling cracks – Over a few years, exterior walls develop cracks due to the seasonal temperature changes that cause expansion and contraction of the walls and the ground. These imperfections need to be filled to create a smooth surface for painting.
  • Repairing or replacing damaged trims – Rotten trims are a common feature of home exteriors due to their constant exposure to the natural elements. The painting job will have the best results only if these are repaired or replaced.
  • Protecting external features before painting – Paint splashes or streaks on sidewalks, trees and plants take away from the beauty of a paint job. We use tape and tarp to protect all the home’s exterior features before painting.
  • Using premium quality paints – For durability and longevity, we use premium paints for exteriors.
  • Clean up – Our job isn’t complete until we do a final touch up of patchy surfaces and clean the area thoroughly to remove splashes or spills.

A+ Rated Exterior Painters Servicing St. Peters, MO

St. Peters Painting has over 8 years experience in exterior painting. Our contractors know the best solutions for lasting finishes. We have membership of the BBB A+, NAPP and the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America. Our services come with the following benefits:

  • BBB A+ Accreditation
  • 2-year Guarantee
  • Use of premium quality and materials
  • Special maintenance services
  • Customized solutions